A Place of Lonely

I’m lonely here
Time for me to go;
Ready to be around some folks I know
Did I sow what He wanted me to sow?

I’m lonely here
Did I learn the lessons meant to learn;
Has my voice been heard,
Will I ever again spin this curb.

I’m lonely here
As frightened as I may be,
I’m at a place where I’m so ready to see,
What else the Almighty has for me

I’m lonely here
Leaving my children behind;
Has never been something I enjoyed.
Back to a place that allows them to swarm.
Swarm and teach me to be ok with my way.

I’m lonely here
I brought this place on myself.
Putting my life together myself;
I should know by now that my way never really helps.

I declare joy deep down inside.
I don’t allow loneliness in my heart to reside.
I’m a child of The King who sits on high.
What I declare, in His will, will take charge!

I may be lonely in this place, but I speak peace, love and laughter over my heart;
Preparing for challenges to come.
Wish I could say past hurts linger not,
but that’s not the story I’ve come to share, my story is mine all flawed and torn.

Instead of griping and complaining about what I don’t have or have not done.
I chose to focus on the one
Who created this desire within.
Instead of asking why I feel this way,
I chose to look to the heavens and say,
Lord, I thank you for my voice
Even when I make the choice to sit quietly and allow people to wonder why I’m here.

Where did she come from, they may say,
From a place way back, we like to say
From back in the day.
Where is she going, inquiring minds want to know? She sees big things in her future, so she’s going wherever she wants to go.


The Day You Left…


Can’t remember when you were not.
Here before me, we clicked,
We became each others pick.

valuing your thoughts from birth to adult
Hanging on your every word as if a sermon.
Rarely did we fuss or fight, there was no point?
Without you, I was lost.

Two peas in a pod.
Two birds in the wind,
Everything to me, my sister-friend
I was destined to win.

Rarely apart,
miles split us for a while
You were in my heart.
Matrimony came and went, you remained with me
helping me through the stent,
Of what could have been a failure to me
You were encouraging, honest, bold and see
You had never been down that road
Because of your gentleness, making me
Unfold all the hurt and pain that would remain.

You’re sick?
What dream is this, who’s playing a trick?
I realizing you would no longer be?
Why would…

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Hearts’ Void

Time has passed us by.
People that once were
Are now living deep within
Our hearts eye…

The things they did before;
No longer matter because
They are no more.

We miss their sense of being…
We wish we were able to see them.
We hold on to the hope we’re given,
Because it’s all we have to release
This feeling of empty.

The minute you pick up the phone…
Only to quickly realize they’re not at home
The physical life is no more.
It’s hard to comprehend
why you’re expected to spend
The rest of your earthly days
Adjusting to and figuring out ways
To be here without the ones you love

Disappointment fills you;
as sure as the ocean is blue…
The loss is something you never get use to.


(Excerpt from the piece, “Say It Out Loud”)

(Excerpt from the piece, "Say It Out Loud").


(Excerpt from the piece, “Say It Out Loud”)

Thinking of you more often than I should.
Telling myself I wouldn’t, even if I could.
What I’m holding back could explode;
The rumbling in my heart
is heavy like pure gold.
Being scared…is this real,
Or just a figment of my imagination?
Even if so, the feeling gives me
a sense of determination.
Determined not to shelf it, but embrace it.
Never holding back what I feel;
What’s the meaning of real…


My Mind…

My Mind….


My Mind…

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